Pneumatic Tyre
  • 24" Load Center
  • 36" Load Center
  • 48" Load Center
  • Large Capacity
  • Removable Counterweight
  • Roro Forklifts
  • Rigger Trucks

Rough Terrain
  • Articulated 4wd
  • Big Wheel

Container Handlers
  • Empty Container Handlers
  • Loaded Container Handlers



Mobicon Top Frame


  • Unique 8 point load design won’t damage a yard like 3, 4 or 8 wheel (4 point loads) straddle carriers will
  • Can stack containers two high
  • Operator doesn’t have to leave cabin to hook up
  • ELME spreader
  • Small turning circle
  • 2 minute load cycle
  • Cost significantly less than a forklift or reach stacker
  • Suitable for any ISO container
  • 35 tonne capacity
  • Easy to service, reliable and durable
  • A cost effective solution to any operations container handling needs

How the Mobicon Top Frame Works:

The Mobicon Top Frame – TF2 has a top spreader that can stack containers two high. The Top Frame – TF2 model is perfect for companies that require speed in their operation, and where yard conditions don’t allow the operator to exit the cabin. When space is at a premium the Mobicon Top Frame – TF2 can dramatically increase the number of containers stored. The Top Frame – TF2 provides an efficient, safe and manoeuvrable solution for container handling needs. When you invest in a Mobicon you are investing in quality design, quality engineering & quality service.

Mobicon 2T


  • Brings containers inside buildings & under low awnings
  • Unique 8 load point design won’t damage a yard like other 3,4 & 8 wheel (4 point loads) mini straddle carriers will
  • 35 tonne capacity
  • Any ISO container 20', 40' flatbeds, bolsters (flat racks), half high, tank etc
  • Can load containers onto road vehicles
  • Small Turning Circle
  • Costs less than a forklift and reach stacker
  • Easy to maintain, cost effective to run
  • A durable and dependable solution to container handling needs

How The Mobicon 2T Works:

When no container is being carried, the two towers are connected by draw-bars. When a container is handled, the back tower carries the rear of the container, and the front tower carries the front of the container. The container then becomes part of the Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier structure. When you invest in a Mobicon Mini Straddle Carrier you are investing in quality design, quality engineering and quality service.



A multipurpose machine for demanding conditions The Meclift™ Variable Reach Truck ML1612R is the only telehandler in the lifting capacity range of 16 tons, which can be operated inside containers. This reliable forklift truck also features a unique reaching ability in its class. It lifts 20-feet containers from fork pockets and stacks them up to... READ MORE


Meclift™ ML1812R is a unique multipurpose forklift truck. It is the only telehandler in the lifting capacity range of 18 tons, which can be operated inside containers. It moves swiftly in confined spaces, such as warehouses and cargo vessels. In addition to heavy cargo lifting, ML1812R is perfect for practically any other material handling needs... READ MORE


ML3012RC is a compact Variable Reach Truck with a 30-ton lifting capacity at a load center of 1,200 mm. Low and narrow boom structure enables to load and unload heavy cargo inside a freight container. Superior reaching ability and a lifting height of 6 meters enables to reach places that are beyond the reach of... READ MORE


With the MecliftTM ML4212RC variable reach truck, you can take your heavy lifting operations to the next level, on efficiency and safety. ML4212RC is capable of lifting 42 tons with 1.2m load center, it can reach up to 3.25 meters and taking the lifting height as high as 7.8 meters. It is superior compared to... READ MORE


ML5012R is the heaviest model in the range of Meclift Variable Reach Trucks. It has a lifting capacity of 50 tons at a load center of 1,200 mm. In fact, ML5012R is the world´s smallest machine in its lifting capacity range. Its horisontal boom structure and compact size enable it to handle heavy loads in... READ MORE


  • Double Forks System
  • Coil Ram
  • Coil Clamps
  • C-hook
  • Lifting Beams
  • Air Cargo Pallet Forks
  • Loading Box
  • Paper Clamps
  • Bogie rollers
  • Bucket
  • Winch
  • Side spreader



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