The SAMSON Mobile Shiploader offers flexible solutions for every loading application. The fully mobile chassis allows operations on every berth.

Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to Panamax size. Loading capacity reaches up to 2,000 tons per hour, depending on the specifics of the material being handled.

The SAMSON Mobile Shiploaders are a cost effective and fast track solution with complete flexibility and can be combined with the SAMSON Material Feeder Receiving Unit.


The SAMSON mobile STORMAJOR® Boom Feeder opens up new possibilities for stockpiling, barge loading and rail car loading. As well as featuring a radial outloading boom on a single chassis, it has the unique benefit of total mobility, providing universal applications and ultra-high performance.

It has the flexibility to receive a wide range of materials directly from tipping trucks, shovels or even articulated dump trucks.

The SAMSON STORMAJOR® Boom Feeder offers the performance of a fixed load system without the need for a permanent infrastructure.


Link Conveyors

Extend your conveying system or link your processes with a SAMSON Link Conveyor.

Designed to convey bulk materials as part of a larger system, SAMSON wheeled Link Conveyors provide an easily adaptable solution across multiple industries.

Link Conveyors are available in a variety of lengths and widths dependent on the configuration of the plant and material to be conveyed. Drives, mobility options, head chutes and feed boots are designed specifically to cater for the properties of the material.

Optional extras include belt covers and specific liners.

Contact SAMSON for information on how a fully mobile conveying system for your plant configured to your logistical and structural requirements can both facilitate the process and is an excellent return on investment.

Telescopic Conveyors

Increase your stockpile capacity or vessel loading capabilities with a telescopic conveyor.

A telescopic boom that can reach over 50 metres when fully extended will provide flexibility for the busy stockyard and facilitate a choice of storage options dependent on available space and material characteristics.

For shiploading purposes a telescopic conveyor allows operators to load a range of vessels with differing free board heights.

The telescopic conveyor is ideally suited to providing an integrated conveying system and minimising transfer points. Partnered with fixed land conveyors, or receiving from a Samson® Material Feeder or Mobile Link Conveyor, the Telescopic Conveyor provides the extra reach required for specific applications.

The receiving chute can be tailored to suit your unloading or feeding arrangement. Choose from a range of belt widths and optional linings according to the specific requirements of the materials being conveyed. Dust reduction and containment measures can be tailored to the material requirements.


The SAMSON Eco Hopper is an economical and ecologically sensitive solution fulfilling all needs for the efficient import of dry bulk cargoes.

The hoppers are designed to suit the characteristics and flow properties of virtually any bulk material. Rates of 5,000 tons per hour may be achieved, subject to the grab crane performance.

The throughput of the terminal can be increased by adding one or more hoppers and ensuring that onward handling systems can accommodate the increased capacity.

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