Ports & Terminals

BLT WORLD Terminal Tractors

BLT World operate and trade terminal tractors from larger 4 x 4 units for Ro Ro to 2 x 4 for Port Terminal and Warehousing / Distribution operations.
We offer rental units on short and long term contracts.

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SAMSON Eco Hopper

The SAMSON Eco Hopper is an economical and ecologically sensitive solution fulfilling all needs for the efficient import of dry bulk cargoes. 
The hoppers are designed to suit the characteristics and flow properties of virtually any bulk material.
Rates of 5,000 tons per hour may be achieved, subject to the grab crane performance. 
The throughput of a port terminal can be increased by adding one or more hoppers and ensuring that onward handling systems can accommodate the increased capacity.

Samson Eco Hopper

SAMSON Shiploader

SAMSON mobile Shiploaders are cost effective and fast track solution to dynamic market conditions, offers flexible solutions for every loading application.
Requiring no fixed works or services the shiploader can be moved away from operational areas when not in use, ideal for narrow or multi-purpose quays.
The fully mobile chassis allows operations on every berth, enhanced when configured with a single or dual material receiving feeder at the reception point.
Varied designs match every type of vessel from barges to Panama size.
The loading capacity reaches up to 2000 tons per hour and is enhanced with specialized trimming equipment, covers & enclosures relevant to the material being conveyed.
SAMSON Shiploader
The SAMSON Mobile Shiploader offers flexible solutions for every loading application. The fully mobile chassis allows operations on every berth. Different designs match every type of vessel from barges to Panamax size. Loading capacity reaches up to 2,000 tons per hour, depending on the specifics of the material being handled. The SAMSON Mobile Shiploaders are a cost effective and fast track solution with complete flexibility and can be combined with the SAMSON Material Feeder Receiving Unit.

SAMSON Shiploader - Kotka Harbour Finland

SAMSON Mobile Feeder

The mobile feeder is a high-performance truck unloader with proven reliability for continues process industries.
It receives bulk material directly from tipping trucks and front-end loader, providing a buffer capacity.
Installed above ground, it’s a flexible alternative to traditional underground hoppers.
Using a wide belt design principle, any material may be reliably conveyed without the risk of bridging or blockage.
The material feeder can be used as a standalone reception unit or can be configured as part of a conveying system permitting efficient transfer of dry bulk materials from source to onward processing.
It can convey a multitude of bulk materials where fixed plants are not an option.
Tracked, wheeled or skid-mounted versions are available
Samson Mobile Feeder

BLT WORLD Forklifts & Container Handlers

BLT World supplies large forklifts from 10mt- 60mt capacity and Container handlers on a sale / rental basis.
BLT World’s extensive range of materials handling equipment includes 12-18 mt articulated 4 x 4 drive forklift trucks, designed for moving materials in the harshest environments, including muddy and rough terrain.
Tylor X series


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