Mining and quarrying

We supply a range of mining and quarrying machinery, tools, and equipment used in the extraction and processing of minerals, ores, and aggregates. The specific equipment required in mining and quarrying operations can vary depending on the type of mineral or resource being extracted, and the scale of the operation.

Ports and Terminals

We operate and trade in various types of equipment to handle the movement, storage, and transportation of goods at ports & terminals. The specific equipment required may vary depending on the size, type, and operations of the port or terminal.

Material Handling

We specialise in a wide range of material handling equipment and offer a range of tools, vehicles, and machinery used to move, store, control, and protect materials and products in various industries. The specific equipment needed will depend on the nature of the materials being handled, the industry, and the specific requirements of the operation.

BLT World have secured exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements with some of the world’s most respected manufacturers of quality branded materials handling equipment. Close partnerships with leading manufacturers enable the BLT WORLD team to offer our global customer-base the latest equipment and advanced heavy lift trends.

The customer is key

Every customer is important to the BLT WORLD team. Before we make any recommendations about equipment, we make sure we have a complete understanding about the project and its specific requirements.

With a depth of experience in materials handling and a thorough understanding of its challenges, we are able to provide efficient solutions, through the supply and support of the correct equipment – including custom-designed systems.

Industry sectors supported

We offer custom-designed solutions services to all sectors of industry, including:


Mining and quarrying

Civil engineering and construction

General engineering



Food processing and packaging

Selection of the correct equipment is paramount.  It ensures cost efficiency, high productivity and enhanced safety.

New, used & rental options

We support our range of new and re-conditioned machines with a rental option and also offer a maintenance programme and practical operator training, to ensure optimum performance and extended service life of every machine.

Where are we?

If your business is in Africa, North America or Australia, we can assist, as we offer a supply and support service throughout the world.



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